2016 Subaru Legacy - Why is the filter on top?

Hello Roy, was reading the Dispatch today from Columbus Ohio, and it was about an oil burner Subaru 2013, my question is about a 2106 Subaru Legacy, why did they put the oil filter on top of the engine? It’s my wifes car, pretty red, dirty most times, looks like a garbage truck inside but i digress.

Makes it easy to reach


Is there a problem here . . . ?!

Many auto manufacturers do this

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I have a 2015 Legacy and mine is in the same spot. Really handy. Now if I could find the drain plug. :thinking::thinking:

My sons 2013 Challenger and my 2016 Caravan both with 3.6 V6 have the filter on top.

Beats my 1988 Accord which had it directly over the exhaust pipe.
Forget changing it if the engine was run recently.
And pray it doesn’t spring a leak.

I was probably a leak detector, any leak would result in such an awful smell, you would notice :slight_smile:

My 1991 Jeep Cherokee 4LI6 Had the upside down filter on top. I ended up punching a hole in the bottom of the filter which was now on top to help drain all of the oil possible in it avoiding the mess. My 1976 Plymouth Volare had a horizontal filter just outside of the passenger side sub-frame. I could get a normal oil filter wrench on it but no room to turn it. I bought a oil filter socket which worked. I put the oil drain pan under the filter and put the filter in the pan, I installed the new filter then moved the pan under the drain plug and drained the crankcase, I will repeat for the 100th time: Engineers should stick to driving trains.


It’s not supposed to be. Are you sure your engine isn’t upside down???
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I think those were the Australian models…