2017 Buick Enclave oil filter removal

2017 Buick Enclave 3.6 V6 Oil Filter Access—How is best way to remove PF-63E Oil Filter?
Very Little space to get to oil filter from top by Oil Check dipstick and A/C Refrigerant Lines. Your Suggestions on way to reach and remove oil Filter.
Is there a easier way to get to oil filter, such as removing splash guards or covers from top, or underneath car?
What speciality tools Are there, such as Locking flexible ratchet heads, that would help?
Get it off my chest comments from here on.
I have changed my own oil religiously, exclusively, since 1963, and never experienced an internal engine problem. Because I use TLC and I know I get a very thorough Always Hot Long oil drain time to remove all crud possible.
Why would a supposedly qualified Engineer design an engine oil filter in a location that is not easily accessible, when we, if wise, change oil routinely and frequently (Not an option).
Is it all about money with a requirement to make it almost impossible for one to do any of their own basic auto maintenance?

“qualified Engineer design an engine oil filter in a location that is not easily accessible”
Certainly seems that way, but I suspect primary reasons are space available and ease of installing the running gear on the assembly line.

Although there is some (not much) consideration for ease of maintenance by the manufactures, i think one of the primary goals is to design the car for quick efficient assembly. That’s where they can make a profit. Will this work?

Newer cars often require removing panels to access the oil filter. 2 of my 3 cars have this. There is a bit of a trick to reaching the oil filter on every car and it is up to you to find the trick. Many are easily reachable when the car is on a lift or over a pit because cars are not designed for the DIY mechanic since most people don’t DIY. Engineering design reviews always include service reviews.