2016 RX350 Letsuck above-dash screen went blank

there is really no need to do that.

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RG has at least 2 pages of goofy ideas . Pity the poor soul who gets this Lexus next.


Could be faulty CD player. Try cleaning the lens.

As a teen having developed OCD - Oil Compulsive Disorder - after I changed my first Franztoilet paper filter, why not lethe dirty oil drip out over night?

Another free-range thread with all sorts of contentious, teasing statements. When there is a legitimate question, and a genuine interest in constructive answers I’m glad to help, but otherwise …

No display = no GPS, no cellphone through the sound system, no radio/CD, no turning the air conditioner off withe mouse knob, the mirrors no longer fold in when pressing the door handle,tc.
Lexus dealer wants $175 to find the problem and said it could be “pricey” fixing the problem.

Also after I improperly replaced the rear brake pads, thelectric parking brake does not work and stopped cruise control from functioning.
Re$toring all of this may not be worthexpense at 288k.

letting out an extra once of oil overnight is not really benefiting anything. you use your vehicle for emergencies to save lives from what I have read you saying. assuming time matters. if you get a call while that extra ounce is draining, now you have to spend time finishing the job. it does not make sense to me and does not really benefit the engine. just my thoughts.


Try at specialized forums like www.clublexus.com. They suggested with engine running hold the radio off button for at least 15-20 seconds which will start the reset process for the whole system. The other thought was that the battery may still start the car well but is no longer able to maintain the power needed. How old is the battery?

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Did you damage a mirror?

The following fuses in the drivers side instrument panel fuse block are associated with the power mirrors and audio receiver;

Door F/R; 20 amp

Door F/L; 20 amp

ECU-DCC No.2; 5 amp

ECU-IG1 No. 4; 10 amp

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Calls come in anytime, 24-hours.
Over the years,everahave come in while I was changing the oil.

Before beginning OCD oil change, three quarts in one 5-qt container and three in the otheready to pour in. (5.8 qts. withew filter)
Clean the oil cap and inlet and pull dipstick and thoroughly clean it.
Remove oil plug and canister and thoroughly clean both.

Install new canisterubber “O” ring and lubricate it and canister threads with drained oil.
Insert oil filter and fill canister with fresh oil. Tighten canister and let dirty oil drain all night.

Finish: Screw in drain plug and pour in the six quarts.

Thank you.
Mirrorstill manually easily fold in. No fuses visibly blown.

Good idea! Battery 2 years old from Costco.
Shall try pressing the radioff buttonext red traffic signal.
Thank you.

Is there a typo in the title to this thread?

Not a typo just the OP trying to be funny.