2016 RX350, OCD-maintained, worth anything at 357k?

Engine kept warm in winter over electric skillet set to 400F. Sheet covering hood and draped down over front.
Mostly highway miles. Gentle accelerations up to high speeds. 131 mph highest noticed.

Sell where?
Donate to charity which seeks vehicles?

Thank you

How much is it worth to you? Can you take tax write offs? I usually don’t get there.

go to kelly blue book and put in your vehicle and options to get private sale value.
even with the high miles and in fair condition it is probably still worth 10-12k

What’s the oil consumption like?

I’ve got a teenager who needs a first car. Too bad you don’t live in the Pacific NW!

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Most charities that solicit vehicle donations have a contract to sell them to a salvage yard for a set price (not much) and that price is all you can deduct from your income. You would be better off getting the junk price yourself. You will be much further ahead selling it, someone will be glad to pay a few thousand for a driving RX350 no matter the mileage.


If they know who owned it, scrap value.


None that I can detect.
But I try to change the oil every 10K. Lethe old oil drip out overnight and OCD clean everything. Then 0W-20 full synthetic.
A mechanic on Youtube says what Lexus recommends is too late.
Should be 5 to 7 K.

Another one who believes that if it is on TV or the INTERWEBS it is true. :roll_eyes:

Your experience seems to prove them wrong, correct?

I expect scrap value or donation tax-refund value is about the best you’ll do if you sell it. No harm trying some of the ideas above though, might get lucky. You could write a letter to that tv show about classic car restoration, “Counting Cars”. Sometimes they take on newer cars.

Blue book is $14k. Some folks have no issues with high mile cars with no issues.

Why not keep it. What is wrong with it?
At that miles, well maintained, I will just keep it.

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I can’t imagine that OP would get any offers in that range. But I’m not the one making the offers, maybe somebody out there would make a bid that high for a 357K miles car if they really wanted that particular make/model I guess. Who’s gonna know more? Me, or KBB?

I would not call a vehicle some clown lets it set all night trying to drain the last ounce of oil out well maintained and supposedly driven at 131 mph on a regular basis.


Well, the oil draining overnight is not going to hurt the car, it is just a symptom of owner’s OCD. The 131 MPH would not bother me much if it is not burning oil. And I am not buying the car, the owner believes it is well maintained and has no issues, so why not keep it.

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Some people replace cars. They move on. A 50+ age owner usually is set in their ways. No backup cars.

One of my relatives bought a car nearly every month, sort of a part time business. He’d fix minor cosmetic/engine problems then flip it for a profit. I expect folks like him still doing that, but harder to do now, car’s more complicated, and less-alike. Fords especially, very similar to each other from 1960’s through late 70’s.

Where do you get that ? I am the only driver and we have 2 vehicles.

I had a guy working at the shop who always asked permission to change his oil after work. He would pull the drain plug, then bike home while the car sat on the hoist overnight to drain every last drop of oil. He was that meticulous about his maintenance. He had 569,000 miles on that Passat without any engine repair other than timing components. I’m not going to argue with anything anyone does when he gets 500K+ on a VW engine! :laughing: