2016 nissan frontier suspension problem?, 2000 chrysler sebring sensor problem

So first problem my 2016 nissan frontier makes a noise on the left side after making hard left turns. The noise almost sounds like a coat hanger rattleing around near my feet/mid truck. It only makes this noise with left turns. I am a tire service technician so I work around cars and after shaking down the tires none of the ball joints seem loose. It has a leaf spring kit in the rear and struts in front. Im treating this truck like my baby so I want to make sure this clunk/ rattle noise is nothing.

For the piece of crap sebring I am trying to sell, I can only assume its a sensor problem. It has a rough idle only sometimes and I cant even drive it around the block without it dying on me. The engine codes are p0113(Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input) p0123 ( Throttle Position Sensor/Switch A Circuit High Input) and p1297 (no change in map sensor voltage) I just recently replaced the map sensor so its most likely not that.

It’s better if you post both vehicles in two different threads.

That way. nobody gets confused on who’s responding to what vehicle.


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