Noisy New Frontier!

2000 Nissan Frontier: Only when hot, engine knocks from center of engine on right bank. Not consistent, intermittent, goes away when revving above 3k rpms.
Ever since: Preventative maintenance was performed: Timing belt, oil pump, water pump, valves machined and re-seated, new guides.
Idle is smooth and slightly high on cold start up, no vacuum leaks seen. Manifold vacuum is only 15.5 to 16 in/hg, returning code of knock sensor (believe due to knocking). Not a rod knock, not a valve tap. Possible wrist pin noise? Any help is appreciated before I tear this thing back apart. Thank You!

You might want to look at the EVAP Volume Control Solenoid Valve on the right side of the engine. There’s a TSB for 2002 model years of your vehicle. It states a slight knock may be heard at just above idle but not over 1,100 RPM’s. The quick check for this is to unplug the electrical connector to the EVAP VCSV and then drive the vehicle. If the knocking is gone install the EVAP VCSV update kit into the VCSV vacuum hose.


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My 98 Frontier has a loud noise only when its hot. Shifting sounds clattery jangling like the engine going to fall apart. Can’t figure it out. Tranny oil change and behring replaced. Harmonic balancer replaced too. Stumped.

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