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2009 frontier front end noise

Dealer replaced a motor mount but it still makes a rattling noise and occasion pop. Anyone else experiencing the same problem? I go back to the dealership tomorrow.

Time to start keeping accurate records of their repair attempts and to research the terms of the Lemon Law in your state!
Go to to read the particulars for your state.

Once you notify the manufacturer (via certified mail) that you intend to file a formal Lemon Law complaint, it is absolutely amazing how rapidly they can usually figure out problems that have persisted.

Recently, I wrote the appropriate letters for a friend who was experiencing bizarre intermittent electrical problems with his '08 RAV-4 in the aftermath of the dealership installing a *genuine" OEM Toyota remote start system. The letter referenced the statute by number (in this case, N.J.S.A. 56:12-29 to 56:12-49), and quoted the relevant language of the statute that entitled my friend to a new replacement vehicle if the problem was not remediated at the next service visit. He was rapidly contacted by Toyota’s Regional Technical Representative, and urged to bring the RAV back for inspection by this tech person.

On the appointed day, not only was the Toyota tech rep there, but he was assisted by an engineer from the Japanese firm that supplies the remote starter to Toyota. And, despite two previous failed repair attempts (“problem not found”, “no codes found”), the Japanese engineeer and the Toyota tech guy DID resolve the problem.

If your state has legislation that is as protective of the consumer as NJ’s Lemon Law is, then you will have the law on your side. All you have to do is to educate yourself about the law in your state, and then take appropriate action.

Trust me, if I had allowed my friend to continue to deal with only the service people at the dealership, no engineer would have ever visited to inspect and repair the vehicle!

This Is A Nissan?

Please excuse me. I want to be sure what vehicle we’re talking about. I searched and came up with Nissan. There are no Nissan dealers or vehicles anywhere near where I live. Please let me know if it’s a Nissan Frontier. Is this a P/U truck? Thanks.


Let us know what the cause was. We all want to think it was a installation error but was it really one?

Yup! It was an installation error.

The tech who installed it had apparently left the remote start module in “diagnostic mode”, and this led to the most bizarre set of intermittent electrical problems that you can possibly imagine.
The dealership kept insisting that everything was “normal”, even though it was clear that things were…as they say in the army…FUBAR.