2016 Nissan Altima - Oops! Diesel went in!

i just accidentally put diesel in 2016 Nissan Altima, how is repair going to cost me ?

I usually charge 2 hours labor to remove the diesel fuel from the tank and add gasoline.
Some techs get carried away with this sort of “opportunity”, 5 hours labor to remove the fuel tank and wipe it dry, 3 hours labor to replace the fuel injectors etc.

How much diesel fuel did you add to the tank?

Did you run the engine at all after putting in the diesel? If not, you should just be able to drain the fuel tank. If yes, then you’ll probably need to flush the entire fuel system

How much diesel did you add and about how much gas was in the tank at the time?

Out of curiosity, did the diesel nozzle actually fit in your car? Usually they don’t fit.

Yeah I run it like 1.5 miles then it stopped,

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I put like 15 gallons and I was on minimum gas.

The nozzle was not fitting, I was having a bad day.

Just moved to the states, from my country the nozzle is green for gas - here is for diesel pfff

Just wanted to know how much this was going to cost.

I had it towed at the Nissan dealer where I bought it

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The spark plugs may have fouled from the diesel fuel, that would be an additional cost but most of the time the spark plugs are ok.

Guesses from the web about price are not going to mean much . No one knows what the shop rate is for the place you took it or just what has to be done.

They should be the ones telling you how much it will cost.

The dealer will likely charge you 2 times what a independent shop would charge.

They will likely want to remove tank for deep cleaning. Flush fuel lines. Replace fuel filter. Remove fuel injectors and flush. Replace spark plugs. Who knows what they will try and do. I’d be shocked if the dealer charges you less than $600 but not surprised if they charge you $1,000.

As the others have said, you should not rely on this forum to get any accurate sense of cost. But from what you’ve described, I’m guessing you’re looking at anywhere from several hundred dollars to about one thousand dollars in repairs. At best, the tank will need to be drained and the fuel system will need to be thoroughly cleaned. At worst, you’re looking at new injectors, fuel filter, and spark plugs on top of the cleaning.

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Finely after all the post’s we have gotten about diesel in the gas tank & all the question’s we asked about how they did it without getting answers op tell’s us how it happened.

Bienvenue aux EU. Let’s hope the dealer will be kind and not take advantage of a “beginner’s mistake.” Here’s their chance to show their stuff.

Bon chance. Please let us know how this works out.


It’s gonna be ok, well I think

Thanks everyone, will keep you updated.

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J’espere. Bon chance!

Unfortunately it is going to cost what it is going to cost unless you want to ask different shops for a quote, and then tow it to the best deal. Yes stuff happens to everyone, $1500 max including new plugs my guess.

That same thing happened to an acquaintance of mine , she took her BMW out into the country where the gas pumps are geared for farmers & different appearing from the city, accidentally got diesel. Cost her about $350 as I recall. They just drained the old fuel out and put gasoline in. The car didn’t idle perfectly at first, but it regained its old ways after a few miles of driving.