2014 Buick LaCrosse - mistakenly added diesel

I filled my tank with diesel instead of regular gas, it was running for about a minute. Is my car totaled?

That depends on what you consider totalled. It will likely cost you at least a thousand dollars to get the tank drained, fuel lines flushed, perhaps new fuel injectors, and whatever else needs to be done.

Didn’t you think something was wrong when the fuel nozzel didn’t fit the hole in the filler? Please post an answer as we get a couple of these posts every week and we don’t know how this keeps happening.

Drain the tank, refill with gas and it should run OK after a bit.


Another one !! Good Grief !


I charge 2 hours of labor to drain diesel fuel from a tank. Three weeks ago a co-worker charged 7 hours labor to do the same thing. Some mechanics want to replace a whole list of parts with parts and labor costing thousands. Hopefully you can get the tank drained for a reasonable price.

How does one put diesel in their gasoline vehicle? Did you not see the sign on the pump saying “diesel”?

I cannot wrap my mind around absent-mindedness of this magnitude.

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Mr. Z Car . This is a 9 month old thread and the person ( like most of the others who do this wrong fuel thing ) has not returned to tell how they did this . Hardly a week goes by that someone asks what they should do after putting Diesel fuel in their gas vehicle.

What is strange why they can’t seen to find the hundreds of articles via Google that would answer thier question.

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