2016 Mazda CX-5 - Wrong fuel

17 year daughter accidentally put diesel in their car won’t start had it towed to dealership they are saying it will coat starting @ $1700 minimum that includes replacing fuel injector and draining lines says could be more when they get in a see if there is more things am I being railroaded? Says it could go way up from there please advise me honestly so appreciative for any feedback… thanks

If they have not started any work call an independent shop for a price . If a lot less just have it towed there. And yes there could be damage .
For the sake of other people who read these threads could you tell how she did this . If in the US the diesel nozzle is not supposed to fit in a gas vehicle .

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They seem to be inexperienced with this problem. I have drained diesel fuel from many gasoline cars and trucks and never had to replace fuel injectors. In some cases the spark plugs are fouled and need to be replaced. It takes no more than 2 to 3 hours to drain the diesel fuel from the tank, add gasoline and purge the fuel lines.

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Yeah, dealers always tend to go for the worst case scenario. Which is usually the most expensive solution, too.

I’d agree with having it towed to another independent shop for a second opinion.

We used to have a 2003 Honda Odyssey. One day I took it to the dealer for a recall and had them change the oil too, while they had it. After a while, the service advisor came out, grim look on his face. He advised me that the rear main seal on the engine was leaking. It would require removing the transmission to repair the leak, and cost around $2000. Mins you, I’d never seen any leaks on the garage floor, the van didn’t use or lose any noticeable oil, and this just wasn’t a concern to me. I declined the repair, and went through prob 2 quarts of oil over the next few years before trading it. Never saw any leaks on the garage floor.

One of these day’s you might get a response for that keep trying.

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