2010 Nissan Altima - Wrong fuel

My Son Put Diesal Gas in my car. What do i need to do

Call your local automotive shop and take the cost out of his allowance or paycheck.

But being serious here did the vehicle quit running ? If so then you have a real problem . If just a few gallons and the vehicle runs decent just keep putting new fuel ( of the right kind ) and hope it clears up.


How much diesel was added to how much gas?

Most likely the car will need to be towed to a shop for a fuel system flush. There shouldn’t be any permanent damage except to your son’s wallet.


Suggest to not try to start or drive the vehicle. The above is the best strategy, tow it to your shop. They’ve probably solved this problem many times over the years, so they’ll know exactly what to do. Expect a fee of several hundred dollars, perhaps a little more than that. Suggest you and your son go to the station where it happened and ask him to show you what happened, then you can show him what to look for in the future so to prevent it from happening again. Otherwise go easy on him, consider it a learning opportunity. Me, I wouldn’t make him pay for it as long as he shows he’s willing to learn.

Really!. After all this time how do you do that?

Tow to mechanics, drain and refill with gas.

More important, for the sake of your insurance and personal liability as owner of the vehicle, if said Son doesn’t have the maturity to read the color coded/multilingual pump instructions then they certainly don’t belong on the pulic roads. As the parent of a former “Young Driver” it’s a PITA but it pales in comparision to your future insurance increases and injury lawsuits as the owner of said car. .

Diesel fuel oil won’t hurt the fuel system. But it is like a very low grade gasoline (much less than 87 octane) and it can damage the engine due to knocking if you push down on the throttle and drive it.

You can put a hose down the fuel filler and siphon out the fuel in to a gas can. Then put in new gasoline. Does the car still run? Then let it idle for a few minutes to bring in the new gasoline. If not, then it has a dead end fuel system and you’ll have to bleed out the fuel system. There should be a Schraeder valve there on the fuel injector rail which is like what is on a tire to inflate it. I’ve never had to do it but I think you put the right fitting on there and a hose in to a gas can and have someone crank it and let the fuel pump pump out the bad fuel from the system.

Anyway the diesel fuel filler should be too big to fit in a gasoline car. How did this happen?

Many years ago that was possible. There is a check valve at the bottom of the fill tube, a roll-over valve for safety.

Based on the comments above, this guy is going to have to pay $1000 to correct the problem. It is a simple repair if you understand the procedure, you don’t just tow the car and let the shop collect your money. That is a good way to be taken advantage of.

How would the OP get their car to the shop then?

He should first become educated on the topic before having the vehicle towed so that they are not taken advantage of.

For example you can explain to the OP that all modern vehicles have an electric fuel pump inside the tank, it is easy to pump the fuel out.