2016 Mazda CX-5 has vertical windshield scratches

windshield straight vertical line scratches. in direct sunlight looking thru windshield. from inside scratches show blue & orange prism effect. don’t use ice scrapper or automatic car wash. only 29,000 miles on car.

Hard to tell what scratched it. Did they just appear?

This is one of those questions I just don’t understand. Of course without seeing the scratches no one on the web might be able to say what caused them . Did they just all appear at one time ? How long has they been there ? Why did the person just not go to an auto glass shop or contact their insurance ?

I had some marks just show up on my windshield one day. I tried all sorts of cleaners to remove the marks, including steel wool. Didn’t seem to do any good.

The windshield wiper blades were fairly new at the time, though they were a cheaper brand/model. As a last resort, I replaced the blades with a different type. Problem solved.

Hopefully your issue is easily solved too.

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