2006 GMC Sierra 1500 - Crazy scratches

I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500, very heavy scratches are appearing across the hood and roof of the cab. Scratches are running in all different directions (no uniformity), and paint looks great on the rest of the truck. What could possibly be causing this and is there a recall that covers this?

I doubt there is a recall for 15 year old paint.
As to the ‘scratches’, it could have been repainted sometime in the past with incorrect paint that is now shrinking after long exposure to the sun. Or incompatible paint treatments (wax or polymers) that cracked after sun exposure. Or exposure to an airborne chemical.
Horizontal surfaces more exposure than vertical surfaces.

Animals can do that. Recall? No! Recalls are for a safety defect. Scratches on the hood are not a safety defect.



… or the scratches could be the result of cats or other critters clambering over the hood and roof.

In any event, the OP is not going to get help from the vehicle mfr.


What you may be seeing is clear coat crazing, (cracking)





unfortunately the only way to fix would be to have it stripped repainted and clear coated again. these type of scratches usually start from the paint and work upward.

Another example.


Got any flocks of wild turkeys in your neighborhood?


Our pic and pull yards have lots of 06 trucks. Hoods are $60.

My first thought was cats. That happened to a car of mine about 20 years ago when several cats decided to make my car the scene of a battleground at 3 in the morning.

However, seeing the pic of that truck makes me think an animal does not like you; as in two legged animal.

A cheaper solution is wrapping your hood.

That’ll buff out.

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That sort of looks like sun-damage to me. Seems unlikely animals would scratch in the same direction. OP, is truck parked in the sun frequently? Is surface kept free from grit, hosed down once a week? Waxing schedule?

The only paint-related tsp I can see is this one

5-08-51-008C, something about bumps on paint surface caused by iron particles …doesn’t seem related

Yes, the truck has been catching the evening sun for several years. I keep the truck polished once a year and washed probably once a month, so you might be on to something.


Have you stopped by a body shop to see what they thought these scratches were caused by and what it would cost to fix ?

No I haven’t.


Once you get the paint problem corrected, here’s what I do to keep the paint looking new-ish: (1) Rinse the grit off the paint once a week by quickly hosing the vehicle off. (2) Wash, then clean the surface thoroughly, then apply wax, every six months.

The weekly hosing will leave water spots if you have hard water. If that’s a bother you’ll have to wipe the water with a chamois or towel off afterward.

Washing w/soap too frequently is counterproductive b/c the soap removes the surface wax. Sometimes of course the truck gets so dirty it can’t be avoided. If by “polishing” you mean using actual car polish, that is good for cleaning purposes and removing oxidized paint; but to protect the paint you’ll have to apply wax also. The wax provides a surface seal, and helps prevent the paint’s volatiles from evaporating and drying out. The less sun on the paint the better of course, but often that just can’t be avoided. My 50 year old truck has been parked in the sun the past 25 years. I get frequent questions/comments from passers-by saying they are surprised the paint is original and that it is looking pretty good for a 50 year old paint job.