2016 Mazda CX-5 - GPS won't work on highway

My GPS is working in the city but not on highway

That’s odd. I’d think it would be the opposite since there would probably be fewer buildings nearby to block the satellite signal. Assuming this is a factory nav setup, take it to the dealer. The bumper-to-bumper part of your warranty has probably expired so expect to pay.


Please clarify this. Do you mean the navigation system as a whole isn’t working or do you mean that the actual GPS signal isn’t being received by the navigation system?

Is this a built-in Mazda GPS or aftermarket? If it’s a separate system like Garmin, I would think that odd, too. I mention the aftermarket GPS so that you can ask someone besides the dealer.

BTW, there is open sky on the highway, isn’t there? I notice my satellite radio drops when the antenna is obscured by bridges, tunnels, buildings, anything between by car and the satellite.

Instead of fighting with a car specific GPS I use Waze and Google maps on my phone. I can move it from car to car and the updates are free. If you are by yourself, turn the speaker on and leave it on the passenger seat.