2017 Mazda CX-9 - Nav issue

My Mazda navigation system was instruction me to exit off highway at every exit in NYC. Upon entering New Jersey I no longer experienced this problem. Is there a fix for this? I have a 2017 CX9 touring.

Stop driving in NYC. :rofl:
sorry I had too.
see if there is a update. it might help.

Mazda Connect (mazdahandsfree.com)

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This happens to me sometimes when I accidentally set the Nac to “Avoid Highway” or to “Shortest distance” or if the Nav has real-time traffic and is trying to avoid a slowdown ahead on the route.

I once inadvertently changed my SatNav system to “avoid highways and toll roads”, and it directed me to exit from the Garden State Parkway at every exit.

I have had it happen when the NAV wanted me to follow its directions, but I knew my way was shorter and less traffic. I went my way and it kept telling me to get off at every exit too. until I shut the stupid thing off. :rofl:

Yes, nav systems should be viewed as suggestions not commands. I regularly tell her to shut up, I’m not going that way. But yeah you did something wrong.

it is a portable Garmin that my son borrowed. he probably changed my settings. kids, they always got to play around. :wink: :smiley:

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My house is roughly equidistant from two interchanges for I-287, and my SatNav system always directs me to one of those two–no matter whether I am headed North or South. The interchange that the system prefers makes sense if I am headed South, but it doesn’t make sense if I am headed North, so I choose to ignore its suggestion. Luckily, the system self-corrects w/in a few seconds, once it senses that I’m going not going to the interchange that it seems to prefer.

I’ve gone a different way than the Garmin suggests but it’s always figured out that the way i’m going will also work.

Yeah “recalculating” “make a U turn if possible” etc.

The nice thing is if you get hopelessly lost, you can just hit the go home key and it will unwind you and put you on the right path.