2018 Subaru Outback - GPS issue

HELP! The GPS loses signal a minute after an address is entered, I need my navigation to properly use this car!

Frankly in car GPS are always lacking…my phone’s google maps works far better…

But you have a 2018 model year outback…you’re still under warranty. Take it to the dealership and make them fix it under warranty

Sounds like you will need a trip to the dealer. Before you are able to get it done consider using your Apple or Android phone with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Pretty sure your Outback has the feature. Start with connecting the phone to the car’s USB port with a cord. Follow the prompts. You may have to download an update on your phone in area with WiFi or if your phone is old download the app itself. Every modern Apple or Android will come with the App pre-installed. The car’s App is usually found, well, in the apps section. You can use Maps or Google Maps with your phone and it will be displayed on the screen. You can also get audible directions and such. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McEU0sADE-I

Warranty. Keep records.

Why would you need GPS to properly use your car? It has absolutely nothing to do with proper use of the car.


I presume it is to help the OP figure out how to get where they are going, right OP? OP may for example be a real estate agent, where something like that would be critical to their job.

Not knowing where you are or where you are going has nothing to do with how the car operates.