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Cost Estimate Question - Replace of a bumper part


I am new to this community. I hope this is the right section to post this question. While driving in an interstate, some scrap iron from a truck going in front of my rental car stuck and caused a small hole/puncture. I am waiting to hear from enterprise, but due to the current situation, I am not hearing anything. So, I just wanted to find out the name of the part and also get an estimate of how much it could be from the experts here. Its a Ford Fusion 2019 model. The damaged part is identified by a red circle.

Thank you in advance!

There is nothing for you to do until you hear from Enterprise . If you used a credit card call the customer service because many of them also provide insurance that might cover this . Also your personal vehicle insurance might cover the damage . As for the cost that will be determined by who ever the rental company uses.
This is why whenever I rent a vehicle I pay for their damage insurance so I can just walk away and forget it. Many people say it is waste of money but I just don’t need the hassle .


I take it you did not buy insurance through the rental, if you have it for a bit yet, you can work to get it replaced. If not, your credit card may cover insurance, if not your policy will probably pay, Id give it the 3 to 400, though some rental places also charge you for time out of service. I bought rental insurance just because $14 a day was what I waste my money on, like extended warranty. Now it was a rainy night when I returned it, but scraped up the gunnels crossing a creek, more probably as in san fran I am blind in one eye, luckily did not tear anything off but what I thought was a yellow line was really a 4" yellow divider as I bailed before getting on the interstate with many miles to the next exit. Never heard back, so all is good,

Heh heh heh. You can post anything here but you can’t control the answers you get. First I think that would just be front bumper trim. Could be plastic. I never get the insurance. Between the extra insurance offered by the credit card company and my auto insurance, it just is not needed. The problem with the rental is though the part is probably only a couple hundred, they charge you for the value of the time the car is down for repairs. You can try and deal with them but that’s why they make you initial the contract that you refused the insurance. Maybe, just maybe it is so small that they’ll just let it pass before. I’ve gotten cars before with little dings and scrape so they were never fixed by previous renters. Just gotta wait and see but talk to your insurance and the card company so you know.

I agree. When I have rented U-Haul trucks to move, I always paid for their insurance. It’s really a small amount compared to the potential hassle and the cost of fighting over alleged “damages”. If I was renting a car, I’d get their insurance to avoid having to worry. It not only covers any damages that might occur while you are driving the rental, it shields you from the risk that you will be charged for pre-existing damages, or damages that happened after you returned the vehicle.

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Fascia trim I would say. Call the parts dept of any Ford dealer and they should give you a price on a new one.
And yes, it will be overpriced for a piece of electroplated plastic more than likely.

Squash a small bug onto it and maybe they won’t notice… :wink:

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This trim cost around $48,2020,fusion,2.0l+l4+electric/gas,3444738,body,bumper+trim+/+molding,837

This thread is about a 2019 Ford rental vehicle that was damaged . Not sure how your 2015 relates to this problem.

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Biggest mistake was not getting the insurance. Lesson learnt and I probably wont repeat that mistake in my life time. I rarely rent cars, but this will be etched in my memory! The damage recovery unit is closed due to the pandemic and so how much it could cost me was driving me insane and so just wanted to find out. Thank you for responding!

Thank you very much to everybody for responding! My insurance deductible is $500. So if it’s less than that I will just pay out of pocket. I was just curious to know how much I will have to give and since the DRU (I have returned the rental already) is closed due to the pandemic I am still not hearing from them.

@COROLLAGUY1 The link (w/ the part name) was very helpful. Thank you!

@ok4450 Thank you for the name of the part! I was trying to find out myself and was failing miserably!

Of course as with any work like this there will added costs to the part price . Taxes on the part , shipping to the place doing the work , labor to remove and replace plus any other damage that might be found during the repair . Also the place that the part is bought from might have a higher price then others.

Welcome to the forum! And thanks for the totally irrelevant information.
BTW I love my 2013 Camry XLE V-6, just in case anyone cares.


Yep, no one else has ever provided irrelevant information here. It’s a first. :smirk:

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Whether to use your own insurance or the rental car insurance is a matter of choice - some people would rather pay than deal with the hassle of using their credit card policy or their own personal policy; for others the cost savings are worth it.

I will say that most of the times I’ve rented a car, dings smaller than a quarter are not counted. I can’t tell from the picture, but that ding might be small enough not to matter.