Should I fix it?

Hello everyone!

My 18 Lexus IS 300 AWD FSPORT with 57,000 miles on it has 3 cosmetic issues.

  1. OEM wheels scratched up.

  2. One side mirror shell cracked ( barely noticeable)

  3. One side skirt is bent.

I bought the car used with these 3 defects.

I plan to drive this car up to 200k miles, and I average approximately 9,000 miles a year.

I brought the car into a bodywork shop to get a quote to replace the side skirt and mirror shell and they quoted me $1450 just for that.

The reason I’m contemplating to fix the defects is because I’ll be keeping this car for a very long time.

Not sure though if it’s a smart thing to do.

What do you say? If you were in my position, would you leave the car as it is or would you repair the cosmetic issues ?

Thank you.

  1. Nope, you will probably at some point curb them anyway/again…

  2. Maybe, don’t need it getting worse and fallen off, depends on how bad… If it is just a cover then I would not worry about it until it gets loose or fly’s off…

  3. How many people look at it, how hard is it to see just walking by it? should be plastic or something so can’t rust…

Me, I am not superficial about my vehicles as I know door dings will happen etc etc etc, so not worried about that stuff as long as it can’t cause any long term effects…

Others are worried about what the neighbors, friends and co workers will think if they have a spec of dust on the vehicle… and take great pride in how there vehicle looks

Nothing wrong with either of those, you can only determine which one you are…
But I am sure in the next 22 years of you driving it, you will have more defects coming… lol

But if I was a betting man, I would bet you will fix them since you drive an IS 300 F-Sport and had custom wheels on your last vehicle, and asking this question… :wink:


What exactly is a side skirt?

I think Lexus calls them rocker panel guards, but you can also add them to make the vehicle look lower to the ground or for aero, like with a spoiler kit that has the rocker covers and front splitter thing… ie ground effects…

I don’t know about the side skirt. You can maybe order one pre painted like a spoiler. The wheels you can just refinish again. So what if you need to do it again later on. I have knocked three mirrors off hitting the side of the garage. I got perfect oem matched ones from rock auto fir about $60. I think the brand was tmc or something. Mine are black but if painting is needed just do it yourself. In fact last time I just ordered the left and right set thinking it would be just a matter of time.

If it was good enough for you to buy without checking out repair costs, you get no sympathy from me.


Those cosmetic defects were the reason the dealer negotiated the price of the car.

I agreed with what you said here.

I took the car to a wheel repair shop and they wanted $250 for each wheels. That’s almost the cost of a brand new set of OEM wheels.

Depends on the magnitude of “bent”. Pictures speak volumes.

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Look, I’m as cheap as the day is long, but we are talking about a 2018 vehicle here–a low mileage luxury model, nonetheless. If we were talking about a 2008, or a 1998 model, or if this was an economy car, my attitude might be different, but come on. This is still an expensive car, and for $1450, I’d fix it right. In fact, even if this was an old economy car, I’d be inclined to fix it right, if it was low-mileage and otherwise in excellent condition.

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All depends on your health and physical condition, IIRC Clueless has very bad back issues and not able to do the work himself… I understand, I can’t simply wash my hands without major pain… I sat down basically the whole time I built the last 2 transmissions… lol

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If the side skirt is plastic and the damage slight, I’d just leave it. If metal and paint is scraped, I’d fix it.

Depends on how far you drive. If you get to 200k in about 10-15 years. Chances are strong that you will have gotten into an accident or two by then, and if you live in the rust belt, lots of superficial rust. The damage you have is non structural in nature and I believe plastic. Why bother? Sounds like you plan on driving it until the wheels fall off. Believe me, when you get to that point where the wheels are about to fall off, superficial scratches and dents you will have plenty of, and will be the least of your concern.

Nah, the only time my wife’s car gets washed is on the way to the dealer to turn it in at the end of the 3 year lease.


My dealer subcontracts their wheel repairs to Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists (or at least they did the last time I needed a repair). The price was fair and the work held up, so see if you can get a quote from a company like that.

If you plan on keeping the car for a long time, it sounds to me like you’d get your money’s worth from the repairs.

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Your advice seems quite opposite of your own practices. You wanted to replace the quarter panels on an old Camry because of rust spots, that is a major project.

Replacing the mirror housing cover/shell can be done with a Phillips screwdriver.

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Depending on how bad the rims are, and whether you drive in salt, I might get them refinished. Google ‘alloy rim repair yourcity’ and drive by the shop for an estimate.

Suggest to go ahead with the cosmetic repair. If you keep the car for 10 years, you’ll have the nice appearance & less parts damaging water-intrusion problems for less than $150 per year. To recoup the $150, cook dinner at home a couple times more each year, rather than dining at restaurants.

I presuming you’ve asked friends, coworker, relatives, & your auto repair shop staff which are the 3 best local auto body shops and asked each to submit a bid.

Obviously all cosmetic, so you don’t have to do anything except give thanks that they were there to be able to beat up the dealer on the price. I’m not overly anal about appearances, but I would have the wheels refinished and replace the mirror shell to keep water out. As for the side skirt, I don’t even like them so instead of paying for that I might just take them off. They might look aerodynamic but they don’t do much.

If you remove and discard the rocker panel molding as recommended, you will find that the panel underneath is unfinished and has a poor appearance.