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Used 2008 Mini Cooper S rear bumper crack


I’m in the process of buying a used 2008 Mini Cooper S with 44000 miles in good conditions but I wanted to get an opinion regarding a rear bumper crack. Please take a look at the attached photo and tell me what you think, not sure how serious it is or how much it will cost me to fix so I can negotiate the price.

You need to have a mechanic (and maybe a body shop) do a pre-purchase inspection - have you? There are MANY expensive problems an S can have. Make sure yours doesn’t.

+1. A bumper crack is minor. There could be more serious problems.

+2. I advised my sister-in-law against purchasing one of these cars. She is now on her third clutch and her second set of tires in about 20K miles.

Your photo did not attach. That said, if the bumper cover is cracked, they will be replacing and repainting that body panel. Call a body shop and tell them you’re about to buy the car, and ask them about how much they’d charge to replace the rear bumper cover. Don’t be surprised if it’s 4 figures.

There are guys out there that just fix and respray bumpers. Cost is 2-400 depending on the damage and the guy. Most dealerships have a guy they use so ask them for a recommendation. This is assuming no damage under the cover.

Do you have any idea how this car was driven? Most guys drive the HELL out of them before moving on the next car.
First of all, I hear dismal things about these cars (everything under the sun), so I personally wouldn’t get one, but . . .
Pay a Mini expert to go over the car with a fine-toothed comb.
Find out if any/all updates have been done. There have been many, from what I understand.
Does it still have the first clutch? From what I hear, they don’t last, even if you know what you’re doing.
Run a carfax. You’d be surprised what sometimes comes up, but only if it’s been reported.
Set aside money each month for expensive repairs. You’ll need it, apparently.
I know this was kind of off the mark, but I just had to add my two bits.
Do some google searches on Mini issues, even if you do get the car.
Forewarned is forearmed.


Yes, but it’s not as good, and when you’re negotiating buying a car, you want to have leverage to deduct the amount it would cost to fix it right, no matter whether or not you’ll actually fix it that way.