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2016 Jeep Renegade - Mounts gone bad

Motor mount replaced at 36K miles. Transmission mount replaced at 46k miles. Now at 52k miles I have another bad motor mount! Where do they make Jeep parts - CHINA?!

Yes. Jeep quality and reliability is among the worse of cars sold in the US


The Renegade is a Fiat design. That should tell you something.

Jeep = Willys - 1943-1953
Jeep = Kaiser - 1953-1970
Jeep = AMC - 1970-1986
Jeep = Chrysler - 1987-1998
Jeep = Daimler-Chrysler - 1998-2007
Jeep = Chrysler LLC - 2007-2009
Jeep = Chrysler Group LLC - 2009-2014
Jeep = Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) 2014-present

Looks like they’ve been going downhill since late 70’s - early 80’s

Nissan and Honda are the two companies that have the most made in the USA content in this segment. The rebranded Fiat you own was most likely made in Italy, but FCA also makes it in China and Brazil, depending on the market they are planning to serve. “Jeep” has some of the most Made In America vehicles in the industry. The Wrangler and Gladiator are almost shockingly local. The Cherokee is made in Illinois. You didn’t buy one of those. Here is a full overview of where the compact crossovers in the U.S. market come from.

It’s near impossible for me to say anything positive when the word Fiat comes up. A dealer I once worked for took them on as an additional franchise and they became the main reason why said dealer went bankrupt and I was out of a job; at least temporarily.
All of us mechanics warned them in advance that Fiat would doom us but it fell on deaf ears. Within 2 weeks the dealer got hosed big time by Fiat and all downhill from there…

Most of the rural mail carriers around here use Cherokees and they seem to work very well. I don’t know of any using a Renegade

I remember a TV commercial in the 70’s from Fiat. They mentioned some “famous” stunt driver who chose Fiats to perform his automobile movie stunts in. Car was seen flying in the air from building rooftop to rooftop.
Fix It Again Tony…

It’s not just “a Fiat design”!
The Jeep Renegade is essentially a re-bodied Fiat 500X, produced in Italy on the same assembly lines as those incredibly crappy Fiats. I have to wonder if the OP did sufficient due diligence before purchase, in order to learn that he was really buying a Fiat–the make with the worst reliability rating-- albeit with a different body design.