2015 Jeep Cherokee - disappointed with service

“Service Transmission” with only 37,000 miles 2015 Trailhawk. Transmission death, now waiting for the transfer CARE PLUS PLAN (Alreadypaid) from the original owner, to “SEE” if they cover the transmission. Really bad service, even does the transmssion problems comes from the Manufacturer Failure.

Now you have discovered why Fiat product owners get rid of their vehicles when the 36/36000 mile warrant expires.


While that is definitely very low odometer mileage for a transmission problem to rear its ugly head, there is the reality that the vehicle is now 5 years old, and your transmission fluid and filter should be changed every 3 years or 30k miles, whichever comes first.

That being said, transmissions that are never properly serviced can usually get to at least 90k before self-destructing, so this is certainly not a testimonial for the durability of Fiat-Chrysler products.

It’s a newer Jeep, these things are riddled with issues. I’ll never buy a FCA vehicle.

This is a 2015 Jeep. Fiat purchased Chrysler in 2014. By then this jepp was already built. I doubt seriously that it is Fiat’s fault that this thing broke down.

At what rate? 20%?, 80%? Have you been taking in many of these trade-ins?

And now Fiat-Chrysler is merging with Peugeot, Things should get even better, maybe.

There is an old saying when it comes to French engineering:

The French copy nobody, and nobody copies the French.



I think that it’s a bit unfair to bash Jeep over a premature transmission failure without knowing the full story. The OP bought a used vehicle and no one knows what the vehicle has been through as to driving habits, conditions, or maintenance.

Who knows? Maybe the vehicle was serviced at a fast lube at one point and someone recommended a trans fluid flush followed by using the wrong fluid. Maybe it was involved in excessive towing or was a flood vehicle.There’s half a dozen ways this could go.


The 2014 and 2015 Cherokees have a lot of transmission problems:

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