2016 Jeep Renegade - Vibrates

vibrating when in gear

Not much info but…
There are some issues with the motor mounts failing on the 2.4l Renegades from what I have heard.
This could explain the issues that you are experiencing.

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With all due respect, I’m not sure that Jeep Wrangler issues are related to Jeep Renegade issues.
Let’s not forget that this model Jeep is made in Italy, on the same assembly line as the Fiat 500X, and is mechanically identical to that Fiat model.

That being said, if the Check Engine Light isn’t lit up, then it could well be a case of bad motor mounts, as you noted.

I agree. I posted the link to show different reasons it could have a vibration and to give ideas of what to check if it turned out not to be the motor mounts. OP gave little info.

Then why not look for a video that is about a Jeep Renegade ? Why confuse someone who might not even return here ?

sorry, there you go . all is good in the world of Car Talk. LOL

It’s a Jeep thing.

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