2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Shakes

when we hit a bump to shakes

What exactly shakes? If the whole Jeep shakes you might need to slow down before you hit a bump. You could also have bad shocks/struts. Bounce it pretty hard a few times and then let go and see if it keeps bouncing. Do that with both ends. If it does, you need shocks/struts. None of us can tell over the Internet.

Bad shocks, worn bushings, worn steering linkageā€¦ it a Jeep thing

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Take it to a shop you trust and have them diagnose it. Expect to pay for the diagnosis. If this was an unscheduled bump in the road like a pothole, the municipality where this pothole is located might have insurance that will pay for it. You could also call your insurer, describe the problem and how it happened, and they might cover it. If you want to try the insurance route, call them first.

In fact, the OP could be experiencing what is known as Jeep Death Wobble:

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