2016 Hyundai Tucson - Trans Problem

Ever since I bought the Tucson It had the problem with the Transmission. I brought it back many times to have it fixed and it still dose it. I was told that it was the size of the horsepower 1.50 or something like that. Maybe if I spent money on package 2 up graded, it would not have happen put they should have told me. I’m going to trade it in. I HATE IT. I had a Sonata for 9 years no problems and loved it. I received a Class action Settlement in the mail today. not sure how to get a form for (3)

Not sure what you are asking but the letter should have an 800 number to call .

How high was the dosage?

That is total BS.

Seriously… isn’t your vehicle still covered by the Powertrain Warranty?
If one Hyundai dealership is unable or unwilling to help you, perhaps there is another Hyundai dealership that is more capable/more cooperative.
If not, why have you not elevated your complaint to the corporate level, rather than just dealing with dealerships?

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There are many complaints about Hyundai’s dual-clutch transmission, satisfaction might never be achieved.

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Your Post is composed of English words but quite incomprehensible. You may think we know about your car and its problems but we don’t and you are not communicating anything with your words.

The 2016 Tucson was equipped with either a 2.0 liter engine or a more powerful 1.6 liter engine with a turbo. Each engine had a different transmission. The transmission for the 2.0 had a conventional torque converter while the transmission for the 1.6 had the dual clutch. That’s what the guy at the dealership was telling you.
If you bought your Tucson new, it should be under warranty. Even of you bought it used it should have come with some version of the original warranty. As @VDCdriver said, take it to a different dealer if there’s one close enough.

What does this mean? What problem are you having?

I bought a 2017 Tucson last year.
When I saw most of posts on complaints.com were about the DCT trans I opted for the conventional auto.
Some say the 8.5 sec to 60mph is “underpowered”, but I’m OK with it.