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Loss of about 2.5 quarts of oil over 7500 miles

I have a 14 elantra gt. 94000 miles. Over the past 2 oil changes I have lost a lot of oil. 7500 miles, about 2.5 quarts. 5000 miles almost 2 quarts. I changed spark plugs. No fouling. No leaks, at least no drips on garage floor and no identified oily areas. I plan on changing the pcv valve because it is cheap. I have started changing oil every 5000 miles instead of the recommended 7500. Any ideas beyond work valves/seals? The car is usually driven on longer trips. Work is 37 miles away, highway.

Are you adding oil as needed? Hope the pcv fix works.

I’m checking and adding now…
The problem came on fast and I did not notice it until the last 2 oil changes. I did a terrible job of checking oil over the last oil change, probably because it the car was not driven much due to long hours and many consecutive days at work lately.

Oil use of a quart every 2500 miles is not, in any way, excessive. Especially for a car with almost 100k miles. Just check your oil on a regular basis so it doesn’t run low.

Changing the pcv can’t hurt nor can 5k oil changes.


Keep in mind that most manufacturers would consider a quart per 1,000 miles to be acceptable (although certainly not desirable).


It is still under the power train warranty. I took it into the dealer and that is what they said. Hyundai won’t do anything unless greater than 1qt over 1000 miles.

Don’t even think about major engine work yet.

You can buy a pallet of oil and keep the engine topped off for far less than what it would cost you to “fix” this engine.

Of course, you have to actively monitor the oil level. For some reason that seems to be hard for some people…


It’s actually even “worse” than that

Many manufacturers consider 1qt/600 miles to be acceptable . . .


I don’t really like it, either

But it is reality :frowning_face:

I am only aware of Audi having made that their official position. Which are the others?

When my friend’s Rav-4 began to show increased oil consumption, it “passed” Toyota’s 1 qt/1,000 mile oil consumption test, but w/in a few months, just after the elapsed time limit on their service campaign had passed, its oil consumption increased to the rate of 1 qt/500 miles. If Toyota’s standard had been 1qt/600 miles, he likely would have qualified for a free engine overhaul.

By my math we’re talking a quart in 3,000 miles. Nothing to worry about. Keep checking the oil and adding as needed.

Wow my 72 nova got to that point and I decided to dump it in 93, and it did not even have a catalytic converter to worry about. I am not a mechanic but the oil was leaking out a hole in front of the distributor on the engine block, stuck a sock in it, but had the foam of death on the oil fill knob. Might have thought about a new engine, but had already welded a plate in to hold the right rear shock as it was a rust bucket. Never denied I was a hillbilly mechanic.


When my diesel was down to 500 miles per quart, it didn’t last much longer and started knocking.

Mercedes-Benz had those standards . . . at least they did when I worked at the dealership

My 2012 Camry owners manual says “oil consumption of 600 miles to one quart is not excessive.” I also found out the the low oil mark on my dipstick is 1.5 quarts below the full mark.

All that said , It has never even burned a cup of oil between it’s annual oil changes and the oil stays so clean it is hard to read. The annual changes have been at 7000 miles or less.

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So now we’ve established that Audi, Benz and Toyota consider 1qt/600 miles to be acceptable engine oil consumption

I’ve owned cars that used that much engine oil

The catalytic converters did just fine . . . never had one fail a tailpipe smog inspection or throw a P0420 because of the engine oil consumption

And because I topped off the engine oil level as needed every weekend, I also never had an engine knocking


If the OP does this as well, the car might last another 94K miles.


The cars I’m thinking were all much older and had probably twice . . . or more . . . the mileage of op’s car


PCV is a good first step. Next step IMO would be a vacuum gauge test and then a dry/wet compression test to see what the rings are doing; or not doing. In most cases issues like this are due to stuck oil control rings Changiing the oil every 5k won’t hurt but likely won’t help at this point if there is a ring issue.

You know the reason why car makers claim a quart every 600 or 1000 miles is normal. To say it’s abnormal would lead to their having to spend billions of dollars replacing engines on their warranty dime even if the problem was customer inflicted.

I have never suffered that problem with any of my cars. My current Lincoln has right at 290k miles on it. Last compression check (275k miles) with new spark plugs it was carrying 185 PSI on all 8 cylinders and never needs oil added before the 3000 to 3500 miles oil changes. Same goes for my Sonoma at160k miles with the oil still at the FULL mark before I changed it last week.

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