2016 Hyundai Tucson - Cheap window regulators

I have a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited that has 44K miles. I live in Florida and have frequent window regulator problems, told by the dealership that the heat affects the cheap plastic part. I was also told that there was no recall as this doesn’t affect more than 10% of the cars. Well, I’m curious how many of you who live in warm areas have this problem?


The chance of many people who have this problem responding is really low. You might go the carcomplaints.com web site and see what is there . Also maybe an auto glass shop might have a real solution.


That could easily be true. My wife drives a 2016 Tucson Sport that we’ve owned for most of a year and it hasn’t had that problem. Granted, St. Louis isn’t Florida but it does get fairly warm–88°F at the moment.

Is there more than curiosity here? Or are you looking to see if someone has a fix for this? Or starting an online petition?

I’d suggest a Tuscon forum… there is a forum for EVERYthing it seems… as someone there may have a similar problem and figured out a fix.

I checked RockAuto and found no replacement window regulators at all. That tells me this isn’t a large problem or the aftermarket would have jumped in to make and sell cheaper regulators.

Just how many replacements have you HAD in the 4 years this car’s been on the road?

Rockauto has it under “window motor” ($50) and Advanced Auto Parts sells them for $60 under “window regulator”.


I must have missed that on Rockauto. Thanks.

That is because recalls are normally done only for safety or emissions-related issues.

However, if you elevate your complaint to the corporate level (contact information can be found in your Owner’s Manual), it is possible (not necessarily likely, but… possible) that a politely-expressed request for help with a frequent repair might result in some financial assistance.

I have the problem and live in Florida with my Tucson it has unfortunately affected all four windows with the same issue. I’ve have my water pump replaced with this car and my issues with ABS light witch occurs frequently in this model.

The water pump and abs light are not connected. Check the fuses first.

I may be over cautious but if the water pump fuse is blown, the water pump should be replaced (Does Hyundai really use electric water pumps?)

As for the warranty replacement of the broken window regulators, customers view this as more than an inconvenience having to visit a dealer each time one fails, there is a feeling of insecurity if the vehicle must sit outside overnight with a window that won’t rise.

Sorry if I was not clear, I meant check the fuse for the power windows,

I think these are cable operated regulators and cable ones seem to be more problematic than the scissor types. I doubt heat has anything to do with it and it’s highly doubtful there would be a Recall over side windows unless it involved manufacturing flaws in the glass itself.

I also have the same issue Ive had my Windows break at least 7 times now.

I’ve found that Dorman aftermarket regulator/motor assemblies work well. They have two quality levels. Get the top quality level for good fit. I bought the lower quality level once and had a heck of a time getting the mounting holes on the replacement to match up with the fasteners inside the door. It’s worth the extra money.