2016 Hyundai Genesis

when you push the start button the car makes a click sound and is totaly dead.If I hit the battery fuse box firmly all power comes on the car drive properly.This has happened twice in the last month.

OK , why don’t you have that checked .


If you want to troubleshoot this yourself, check the battery connections and the electrical connections at the fuse box. You are looking for corrosion and loose connections. If loose, tighten them up. If terminals are corroded, use a wire brush to clean them, and tighten them back on their posts. If that isn’t enough, have your mechanic check it out.

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thanks for your thoughts…I did all that and a little more without luck,the car is at the repair shop now.

Sounds like the start relay needs to be replaced.

Just a single click sound, or click-click-click?

If it’s a single click and then everything dies including the dome light, it could also be a battery post that’s broken internally. You whacking on the fuse box might vibrate the battery enough to make the connection again, but then trying to start it breaks it again. The problem with this problem is that it’s hard to test for in a fool-proof way, and there’s no visual evidence that the post is broken because the break is inside the battery.

Had that happen awhile ago on an old truck of mine. Spent forever trying to trace where the problem was. Decided it just had to be the internal post and replaced the battery. Never had the problem again.