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2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe start/stop button problem

Most of the time when I press the Engine Start Stop button the car will start. Howevever sometimes it will not. I can usually after a few minutes and many attemps get it to start. When I reach my destination and the start stop button is pressed it will not turn the engin off. This doesn’t happen all the time, but because of this I really don’t trust the car. I have taken the car to my local Hyundai dealer and after diagnosing the problem at a cost they told me that I had a faulty Start Stop button. They replaced said button at an additional cost and I drove off. Two days later the same thing was happening like nothing was done. Because the problem doesn’t happen all the time, I really don’t believe anything was done at the dealer. They refuse to do anything further. At this point I need to find out the problem and wonder if anyone else is having this problem.

I will change the battery on the fob and see if it fixes it.

If it does, then maybe go back and ask for a partial refund on the repair they did.

Thank you for your response, I have since found out that may have been the problem. I went into another repair facility and they were honest enough to do just that. No problems since. No chance to get money back, Hyundai dealer in Toms River, NJ is not the place I will ever go again.

Glad your problem is fixed. Now look in your owner’s manual and find the number for escalating this up the corporate chain. Save all of your documentation and make a log of all phone calls you make.

You don’t need a remote to switch the engine off, the remote battery has nothing to do with the start-stop switch failing to switch off.