2006 Hyundai Tucson - Won't start

Car just do not want to start.

Are you going to ignore it or have it towed to a mechanic?

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What specifically is it doing–or not doing? Does it crank and not start or does it just sit there and not crank?


The car just doesn’t want to start. I drove it switches off and then it does not start again since 12 June 2021.

There are many ways people describe car does not start, all with different possible fixes

Turn key and complete silence

Turn key and clicking sound

Turn key and engine tries to turn over but does not catch

Which of these has been happening since 12 June 2021

Based on the way you list the date you are either military or outside the US. If outside the US do you have access to a competent mechanic?

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If it just died while driving, my best guess is a broken timing belt.

I turn key and complete silence. The engine does not catch. I’m outside the US will contact a mechanic to do diagnostic

That is the only way you will find out what is wrong. Why did you not do that 6 days ago ?

First thought, dead battery, second thought, dirty/corroded connections, third thought, bad ignition switch.
Did you try jump starting it?

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