2011 Hyundai Genesis - Battery issues

battery will not stay charged

My crystal ball says … This might be a question and not that you are venting. so, it will leave you with this…

Hyundai Genesis Battery will not hold a charge Inspection Costs (yourmechanic.com)


I presume this is a basic gas engine car, and question is about its 12 volt battery. Likely possibilities

  • alternator faulty
  • battery faulty
  • circuit fault somewhere in car is draining battery

Link above is good place to start. Beyond that ask you shop to test the charging system and battery. The diy’er driveway test: Before first start of the day battery should measure about 12.6 volts; then immediately after starting engine, 13.5 - 15.5 volts. For the circuit drain, diy’er should make sure all the lights (inside & outside) turn off when the car is parked. Check esp dashboard, trunk, engine compartment, glove compartment, and rear brake lights. Jiggle driver’s side door switch to see if it is working correctly.

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