2016 Honda Fit after Oil Change

After I had a oil change a few warning lights in the dash board came up, ( Check engine, power steering, air pressure). Any ideas on why those would happen to show up right after an oil change would be much appreciated.

Check all those things and the oil.

Brian, forget trying to find a reason . Your check engine light is on and you should still be under warranty . I think Honda has 3 years or 36000 miles. If you are in that frame go to the dealer .

IMHO, vehicles under warranty should have all required maintenance done at the dealer.
First check the oil! Don’t drive it if oil is below the add mark. As far as the rest, take it to your dealer and have it checked out.
If CEL is blinking,don’tdrive It there, have it towed.

Air pressure??
Or, did you mean oil pressure?
I REALLY hope that you stopped driving the car, and that you shut down the engine, if the oil pressure (??) light lit up.

That’s a bit coincidental considering the oil change.
First step is to check the engine oil level.

Second one is to let us know how long you’ve been driving with those lights illuminated.