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Intermitent 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid AC

The air conditioner is intermittent. Sometimes it blows cold, most times it does not cool, especially during the hotter times of the day. Official Honda shop always says they cannot duplicate the problem. I heard of maybe some problems with a sensor that Honda does not want to discuss.

After six years, the original warranty will have expired. You may have an extended warranty, but that would most likely cover the power-train, and the cost of covered repairs would be paid by an insurance company, not Honda and certainly not the dealer or shop.
The thing is, your Honda certified shop or dealer has no motive to lie to you about reproducing the problem. They will get paid either by you or by an insurance company to repair your car.
Your best bet is to bring the car in on a very hot day, during the hottest part of the day, and run the car for a little while in the hot sun with the air-conditioner on, and when it stops delivering cool air, get someone from the shop to go for a ride with you in the car with the windows closed and the A/C on full.