2016 Honda Civic Sdn - Same old Honda AC issue

I’ve also had the same issue with my AC since the first year I bought it. I continue to take it back to the dealer and they replaced the compressor at first but that did not fix the problem. The last time I took it in they said they could not find a problem. The AC will work for a while but then turn off. It is getting worse now and I live in a very hot area so I need my AC. This has really changed my mind about ever owning a Honda again. They were never able to fix the issue and I’m extremely disappointed. I purchased a brand new car just so I could continuously have AC problems. I was going to take it in a private mechanic but I’m buying a new vehicle today. It will not be a Honda.

Excuse me but the same issue as what? As who? We can’t see whatever/whoever your reply is directed toward. Anyway, sorry you had an ac problem with your Honda and best of luck with your next vehicle.

Honda is getting such a distinct reputation for C compressor failures Car Talk has begun to use it as an example in our extended warranty stories.

The most common problem I’ve seen with Honda AC’s is the expansion valve.

They display the problem you describe.


For years, the A/C on Hondas was downright anemic in comparison to every other mfr’s A/C. I believe that they improved the strength of their A/C in recent years, but then they had mucho problems with the durability of their compressors. Why has A/C been a consistent problem–in one way or another–for just that one manufacturer?

I have read things on the Internet about Honda’s issues with AC, because I own a Honda and so far it’s been OK, but I like to keep up. Anyway, the story I read somewhere was that Honda had created a system of management of the AC compressor that alters the frequency of the compressor coming on based on engine speed, vehicle speed, throttle position, and who knows what else but it is done to improve fuel mileage on Federal testing. It means the compressor goes off and on far more than typical, and cause the compressor relay to fail.

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