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2016 Honda Accord Cpe - Trunk security

Have owned two Honda Accord coupes, four cylinder 6 speeds, first new 2015, 2nd forced to buy used 2016 as coupe was dropped after 2017 and only others available had undesired “turbos”. Traded first because of mileage. Hated only color available (black) but was only body and drivetrain available (so had to buy another). First car developed starter solenoid problem while out of state but dealer “fixed” it. Both cars have had apparent key fob problems where trunk pops open mysteriously. Stopped on first…ongoing on second car. I took out from one fob the contact for decklid, not second fob’s YET. “Appears” it might be actuated by other fobs or garage door openers from passing cars?? I don’t want Mickey Mouse gadgets on my cars! Trunks should only be opened by keys, for security, such as it is. I don’t use goofy radio because it doesn’t have two knobs. What can l do or have done to secure this trunk? Trunk has opened after l took out fob contact IN LOCKED GARAGE.

Unplug the electrical actuator to the trunk latch.

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Unless you have a very unique Honda you should have steering wheel controls ( not hard to use ) , the radio should have 5 or 6 preselect buttons for radio stations , it also should have a knob for volume so I think you are just being stubborn . You might as well adjust now because the vehicle features are not going to revert to the old days .

I think we all know by reading the original post that is not going to happen! :wink: