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96 Saturn doors and trunk unlocking, spontaneously

First the trunk started popping open when parked, then on the highway. Next the doors unlocked after locking. The battery has been changed in the key fob, our thought now, is a short. Has anyone had this problem? The light of our life drives this car, and I’m worried for her safety. Can we fix this on our own or is it a dealership trip? Thanks!

What happens if the key fob stays home? Try it and see. Leave the fob home and drive the car with just the key. If there are no problems then the fob is the cause of your trouble. It may be worn or just malfunctioning.

I have a similar fob for one of my cars. It works perfectly, but I never take it with me because it’s big and cumbersome, and I don’t like having it in my pocket. I just use the key to lock and unlock the car doors, like in the old days, and I never have any problems.


My car (not a GM) won’t let me pop the trunk with the key fob when the keys are in the ignition. Check to see if yours will let you with the engine running. If it won’t, then the key fob can’t be the problem. Possibly the Body Controller Module. If it will let you open the trunk with the fob while the engine’s running, then try what mcparadise said—leave the fob at home and see if the problem occurs.

She tried operating the vehicle with the fob batteries removed, using just key and automatic door locks, but the problem has continued.

The car unlocks everything after the car is turned off, or, it will pop the latches when the car is stopped but is running. She went out every hour or so this evening, closing it all back up. She has duck taped the trunk closed for the night to keep the critters and weather out. It’s the big animals that have me most concerned.

Will try to find info on the Body Controller Module. Someone is supposed to take a look at the wiring on Friday. Thank you. Very much.