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2016 Ford Explorer - Loud wind noise

loud wind noise at highway speed

Do you have a roof rack? If so are the crossbars attached?

Mine is quiet as a mouse at highways speeds. I have a roof rack too.

Anything that produces turbulent air flow as the car moves will produce wind noise. Sharp pointed things, and something that has a small chamber or opening are the main culprits. common causes are (as mentioned above) roof racks (sometimes an end piece will fall off a tube and create an opening), windshield wipers, outside mirrors, door handles, windows that don’t close 100%, and gaps present between the door and body with the doors closed. I’ve seen folks use that sort of green tape painters use for protecting the trim during house painting; they apply it to the suspect spots on the surface of the vehicle to try to effectively smooth the surface more. The idea is to see if that reduces the noise or not. If it does, they’ve discovered at least part of the problem.

Me thinks Robert has left the building .