2014 Ford Escape - Electrical gremlins

stopped. when return to vehicle, use remote access to open driver door. insert key in ignition and total electrical shutdown. open hood. inspect battery, find nothing loose or wrong. try remote access again and works. start vehicle. stopped again. when return to vehicle, use remote access, same problem. open hood to inspect battery gain. when battery cover is moved, a sound like the ingition trying to start vehivle sounds. electrical back on. start vehicle.

Have the battery cables checked. even though they seem tight on the battery they can be loose on the other end of the cable. there could also be corrosion inside the cable. if this is the original battery then change it. its time is at its end. It seems when you fiddle with the battery, it starts. so, it leads me to believe it is an electrical connection problem.


I’m guessing this is a gasoline engine vehicle. If so I’ve had a similar experience w/my Corolla, turn the key to start and all the control panel lights go out, no rrr rrrr rrr sound. Caused (another guess) by a combination of 3 problems,

  • poor electrical connection to the battery
  • battery near end of life
  • starter motor near end of life

Clean the battery connections using a battery post cleaning brush, even if the connections “look” okay. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then look for a loose connection to power in the wiring to the main fuse panel under the hood.