2002 Ford Escape Question

My car has been giving me all kinds of trouble. Sometimes it doesn’t even turn over. Sometimes it starts and dies before I put it in gear. Sometimes it starts and dies after I’ve driven 5-20 feet. Sometimes after I’ve driven for awhile and turn it off, it won’t start back up. Sometimes it dies when I try to put the windows down or turn my lights on. My car alarm also goes off randomly. I’ve had it to one mechanic who said my starter, alternator and battery needed replaced. I paid $1,000 for that and the problem was still there. Then I took it to a Ford dealership who said nothing was wrong with it because it started every time for them. Then I took it to another Ford dealership after it died 30 times in one morning…they kept it for a week, saw the problem happen to them, but still didn’t know what it was. They cleaned some connections and sent it home with me $175 later. The problem is still there. Please help!

From your post I’m going to suggest you MAY have an ignition system fault. Perhaps the ignition switch, key cylinder or maybe a faulty ignition module.

Check all the electrical connections to ensure they are clean and tight.

Replacing the ignition switch may help. It’s not that expensive. Does the check enigine light set any codes? If there are any trouble codes, knowing what they are could help in finding a solution.