I regret buying a Ford Edge!

I purchased a 2019 Ford Edge ST back in April of 2019 and regretting this ever since. The transmission is progressively getting worse with jerking, slipping and double-gear-shift-feeling. This mainly occurs when shifting into 3rd gear around 30 MPH; however, this also occurs when up/down shifting through the gears as normal. This is suppose to be a performance SUV, however, I would not dare to race a Toyota Prius with this piece of junk.

What does the dealer say?

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Also; you refer to this being a performance SUV and not daring to race a Prius with the pile of junk.
Does this mean you are racing it?

As you said “SUV”, not a performance car, or for that matter, truck.
One reviewer said: “ Again, this isn’t some torque-vectoring genius like a Focus RS, or a face-melting dragon like a Shelby ‘Stang. But in family SUV terms, it’s better than a warmed-over tuna casserole”.
Same reviewer on the transmission: “
Left to its own devices, the eight-speed transmission dawdled and served up the occasional rude shift. Sport mode speeds things up, but the Ford’s gearbox still became confused or resisted paddled downshifts at times. At no time will you confuse this transmission with, say, the seamless ZF eight-speed in BMWs, Jaguars and other luxury brands, or the dual-clutch units in some high-performance SUVs.“.

Even with an 8 speed transmission, shifting to 3rd at thirty MPH seems early unless you are under very gentle acceleration.


As @texases implied, this is a warranty issue that should be addressed by a dealer.