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2016 Ford Edge - Stuck on snow

Hi, just arriving at the mountain for skiing, first 10 meters on slippery snow my 2016 Edge Sport displayed the message “AWD temporarily deactivated” and only front axle was running the wheels, with no success for progressing on the road, stuck on small snow. Does anybody know how to fix this issue???

Check your owners manual, if that should tell you what the message means. There might be a procedure to reengage the AWD. On the other hand may require a trip to a mechanic.

Are your tires any good? If fwd causes slip then adding a bit more traction from rear tires is not going to be 100% better. Are there any other cars near you? That are moving? Or left tracks? Sometimes, you cannot move on ice up a grade.

The all-wheel-drive system has over heated, switch the engine off for 10 minutes and allow the AWD system to cool.