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Ford Freestyle 2006 AWD failure

I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle AWD. This car has always performed remarkably well in snow but yesterday, during the first snow of the year, I found that the vehicle was having a very hard time moving itself in just an inch of snow. I dropped it off at the local garage, who verified that only the front wheels were engaging. They indicated that it is “most likely” the PTU causing the issue and offered to replace it for a cool $2,700 (parts and labor). What seems odd to me though is that there were no dash lights or messages to indicate a problem - only the traction control light. The vehicle has over 100K miles and I don’t think it’s worth the expense. My questions are 1- could this be caused by something else (hopefully less expensive to fix)? 2- If not, what could happen if I don’t repair it at all? Will it damage the CVT or other components? 3- Is it a danger to drive in this condition (in dry weather of course)…

I believe there is an option to disengage AWD and generally drive this vehicle as if it was 2wd/FWD. Ask them to verify (for another option)

The tech that looked at it tells me that the driveshaft should always turn regardless of whether the rear wheels are engaged but that it is not - indicating a probable PTU problem. He believes that it is probably OK to just leave it alone, but that we could just remove the driveshaft. Still don’t understand why the AWD malfunction light isn’t on, but I guess that’s a moot point…

I wouldn’t mess with anything myself until…
It’s worth taking it elsewhere for a second opinion, dare say a dealer. You need not commit yourself but when estimates get really high, I always start looking elsewhere. Like doctors performing surgery, I want everyone (more than one for sure) to agree what has to be done. BTW, cars over 100k should still have a lot of life and the repair may be worthwhile depending on the condition. Where else can you get a large awd vehicle you know the maintenance history of and your happy with for $2700 ?

Maybe even check the fuses.

Dealer says its the PTU :frowning:

This car uses the Haldex AWD system system, you can’t turn it off. If the power take off is bad, the whole unit must be replaced IIRC. It’s not a serviceable part as far as I know.

Yerp - that’s what I’m told as well.

The dealer did indicate though that it is fine to drive as it is.