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2016 Ford Edge - Shut off in cold weather

I have a 2016 Ford Edge I live in Alaska where it has been 35 below zero I had left my car running and just locked the car went to my appointment came out and tried to unlock my car with my remote start fob and my car wouldn’t unlock. then the car shut off. When I went to start it I heard a ticking noise like a dead battery but some lights were coming on occasionally. I went inside to wait for my husband and he told me to try to restart it with the remote start and it started. I shut off my radio after I got in the car while it was running and now I can’t get the radio to turn back on. HELP!!

The first thing I would do is clean the battery cable ends. How old is the battery ?
These newer cars can do some pretty funky things when the battery is getting near the end of it’s life and can’t hold a full charge. I remember getting weird nuisance alarms on mine when I’d be driving. About a month later the battery finally died. After I put the battery in, I never got any more.