Ford Edge - AWD system


I’m looking to replace a 2004 Subaru Forester, and want to stay with AWD.

The Ford Edge holds itself out to be an AWD car, but when using the “comparision” on to look at the specs, it shows “not available” under the “center differential” category, yet shows “mechanical” for the other AWD cars that I was comparing it to (including the Forester).

Can anyone tell me if the AWD system in the Ford Edge is really AWD, or just a marketing gimmick?



The Edge is available with AWD, but there are few AWD systems as sophisticated as that on the Subaru. The Subaru system is AWD all the time. Most other AWD systems send power to the front wheels until they detect some slippage, then power is routed to the rear wheels to help out. In most driving situations you probably would not notice the difference.

One caution about the Edge: Everything I’ve read about this vehicle is that it is quite heavy, and fuel mileage will suffer accordingly.


The AWD will be superior in the Subaru as all four wheels are powered always. Audi uses a similar design.

Ford uses a Haldex system that is more part time and on demand however it has the benefit of better mileage. However it has a time lapse of when traction is available and limited amount of torque to the rear wheels.

In slippery conditions the Ford AWD will be better than FWD. However in more extreme situations the Ford is much more likely to get stuck. I own a Subaru Legacy GT and a friend Mazdaspeed 6(similar to ford AWD)The Subaru simply trumps the Mazdaspeed 6 in really deep snow and icy conditions as we “played” around in sloping ski slope’s parking lot. I also noticed this at a winter driving school I attended.


Thanks for all of the replies, especially the comments about the snow, as that is my primary concern. Whatever new car I get, I want it to handle well in the snow (I’m in Central NY - alot of lake effect snow and Nor’easters), and I was concerned that the Ford “on demand” AWD might not work as well as the “full time” AWD.