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4 Wheel Drive

Simple (?) When I engage 4WD, the front wheels aren’t working as they should, i.e. they’re not doing their job of spinning like the rear wheels in the snow. The transfer case works as I have the creeper gear, but there doesn’t seem to be any front wheel power getting to the road. It used to work just fine, but after 155K miles on it, the hubs don’t seem to work. Is there an easy solution that can be done at home, or is it time to take it to the repair shop? Thanks.

Sounds like the front hubs aren’t engaging.

Yeah, sounds right. Can you suggest what to do to make them work? Is there a way to free them up without disassembling the front end? Since you’re in NH, you must use 4WD or AWD all the time in the winter. Here in southern Indiana, we need it every once in a while. Once or twice a winter. Thanks, and look forward to further conversations.

Sometimes they get all gunked up and just have to be removed and cleaned. It could also be the actuator that’s bad. You’ll need to take this someplace to get it diagnosed.

As for NH…the only reason I have 4wd is when I travel back to upstate NY 2-3 times during the winter to help my dad out…or when we go up to the mountains. Here in Southern NH…4wd or awd is NOT needed. fwd is fine for the little snow we get (only about 40"/yr)

What is the year & make of your truck?

Many newer 4wds do not have hubs that disconnect, they use an axle disconnect on one side of the front differential. This commonly fails.