2016 Dodge Ram 2500 - Fuel tank ruptured - twice

On two occassions about 1 month apart the gas tank ruptured and poured gas on the ground under the vehicle, Gas tank looked like it had been hit and caved in but ruptured near a corner. First time figured I had hit something and caused it. After 2 weeks in the shop I had babied where and how I drove the truck but it did it again in the same way in the same place on the gas tank.Just before it pours out gas I heard a sound like a heliocopter hovering and felt some vibration, could have been the tank imploding but I don’t really know. What could be causing this?

Sounds like the fuel tank is collapsing under vacuum, the evaporative emissions system may not be venting properly.


Agreed there is a vacuum issue causing this. At one time VW had a problem with some cars suffering collapsed fuel tanks due to an evap emissons problem.
Those tanks would really get flattened. Capacity was around 2.5 gallons total.

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Spiders in the EVAP system can cause a gas tank to implode.

Look it up!


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Until you’re sure this is fixed, you should probably open the gas cap every so many miles and listen for air being sucked in.

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did the tank get repaired or replaced after the first time?
just curious.

I agree with the others- evap system issue. is the Check Engine light on?