2016 Chrysler 200 -Pops

Popping noise in my Chrysler 200 it sounds like that when I first get in and air conditioner comes on. It is not constant and sounds like popcorn popping. Someone mentioned clogged cabin filter. Is this easy fix? Thank you

Your owners manual should specify where the cabin air filter is. After you replace it, check to see if the climate control is working properly. Is it blowing hot when and where you tell it to? And cold where and when you tell it to? If not, you may have a faulty mode door actuator.

That noise is from a failed HVAC door actuator.


However, I also urge the OP to change her cabin air filter.


In most cases the cabin filter will be behind the glovebox door . It will be in the owners manual , if you dont have one just google your year and model owners manual and you can download a pdf of it usually . It aLso could be nothing , the system does make noise when you first turn it on as the mode doors get into the position they are supposed to be in . It is a slight popping noise as we get that on our Dodge Grand Caravan when first starting and as it shuts down .