2014 Chrysler 200- Knocking on glove box

I have a 2014 Chrysler 200.When you turn on fan control speed knob a knocking under glove box starts and does this for about 10 seconds and then stops.It does this every time you turn on fan speed knob.Only 60,000 miles on car.

Broken blend door actuator. The clack clack is the stripped gears making noise.


Ever replaced the cabin filter in it ? Might be good to make sure that area is clear and the fan isnt hitting something .

Good idea! a lot of debris can get stuck in there…leaves,twigs ect.

Cabin filter changed about 2 months ago.It is the air door actuator Dorman #604-029 is part number on e-bay.Part on e-bay price are you ready is only $12.29 , I am serious.Their should be a recall on this because everyone is having this same problem as far back as 2007 vehicles.What a rip off.Thanks Carroll.

Recalls are only issued if there is a safety defect or the vehicle doesn’t meet federal motor vehicle standards. Good luck getting an air door actuator to meet the criteria.


Some of those hvac door actuators are pretty simple to replace, some not so simple. We do seem to get some posts here about that problem. Not just on Chryslers, but many makes and models. Ah, if only we could go back to the old days. Those hvac doors on my truck and Corolla are simple gadgets, operated by cables, and have been working fine. Nearly 50 years for the truck, 30 years for the Corolla. The singular hvac problem on the Corolla is one of the directional louvres for the outlet vents is stuck. Fortunately it stuck in my preferred direction :slight_smile:


If the defect disables the defroster it would be a safety issue and would be subject to a recall. A noisy recirculation door actuator would not be a safety issue.

Back in the day before you needed tri zone cooling all this was just controlled by a simple lever and cable system attached to the door and you didnt see these issues much , now you read about it all the time .