Banging noise coming from under my glove box when I start my engine

About 3 weeks ago my car,a 2007 saturn vue 6cyc., started making banging noises in the glove box when i start the car. The noise last for about 10 seconds and is very loud. The car runs great, no problems. Any idears

Could be your neighbor’s cat sleeping in your glove box.

Based on the location, I think it is probably something to do with the HVAC system. The vent actuators are actuating, probably some kind of test or initialization on start up, and one of them is broken, which then makes a noise when it attempts to actuate. Try some different configuarations, if it is on heat, turn it to AC, if on low, turn it to high, if it is on defrost, change to feet level heat, change the fan speeds, etc see if any of those things makes any difference.

I agree with @geargesanjose. The cabin filter for the AC is located there and the opening could be a conduit for the noise you hear.

‘‘Cabin filter ?? what’s that ?’’ can already be heard from here.
Even that being plugged up from being ignored and never changed could be the sound of blocked airflow fighting to go …somewhere.

Almost definitely, this symptom has something to do with the HVAC system.
While it could be the result of a totally blocked cabin air filter, I agree with George that this noise is more likely to be coming from a broken actuator for one of the doors inside the HVAC system.

All great responses, but I have to add that I’ve seen the plastic splash panels knock under specific conditions too. Those doggoned things can move around, and often aren’t fastened well.

I posted having the same issue in my 94 Suburban. I knew it was the heater blend door actuator but I was darned if I could find it. There are several in my truck (one behind and to the left of the glove box which is easy to remove) and then there is the culprit which, as one of the regulars on here pointed out (and provided a handy picture), is attached to the heater plenum and a real challenge to get at. The shop manual says the dash has to come out but I’ve found some YouTube vids showing how, with the proper dexterity, tools and preferably small hands, this can be avoided.

Noise occurs when u are parked? Or moving?

This just started on my 1997 Saturn Vue. I read on a similar discussion that simply pulling out the fuse for the HVAC system while the car is running for a minute or so and then reinstalling it may reset the control module on GM vehicles. It seems that if the control module loses calibration it can be reset. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I hope this works instead of replacing parts.

The computer could presumably loose track of the position of an hvac door stepper motor, and that might cause a clicking sound as it tried to re-learn its home position. Maybe that’s what the reset does, allows it to relearn the home position.