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2016 Chevrolet Malibu - Broken window

rear windshield exploded.

I’ve heard of it happening with various makes. No idea why. Call your insurance company but I doubt it’s covered since it’s not the windshield.

OP might be ok, our auto glass coverage on our insurance covers any window, not just the windshield

sorry to hear that.

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The passenger door window unexpectedly disintegrated at highway speeds on my minivan. I was lucky to grab the cat and hold him down while I pulled over. Highway patrolman found no evidence of anything and said he’d heard of it before. Insurance covered it. Good luck and please let us know how it works out for you.

Call your insurer. You won’t know if they cover it unless you check with them. If there is a deductible for the coverage, contact a glass shop that installs at your home. They might offer to waive the deductible if you take the car to their shop. If you arrange this over the phone, make sure to confirm it when you drop your Chevy off. It’s easier to confirm then than afterwards.

I wasn’t sure either but I’ve seen multiple posts on other automotive forums saying the poster’s insurance didn’t cover it. For the OP’s sake I hope I’m wrong.

Full glass coverage (with no deductible to pay) is an option that you pay for if you want it.

Depends on the Insurance policy, there’s a deductible for glass replacement with mine. I’ve used safelite before since other’s i know had great luck with them. Easy to set up everything online.

Yeah comprehensive covers all glass on mine. When I was going to cancel it on a seldom used car, the agent cautioned that glass can total a car out, so I kept it for the few dollars it was.

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The terminology may well vary from state to state, or from one insurance company to another, but my insurance company stopped using the “Comprehensive” label quite a few years ago, and they now use the term “Other than collision”. The OP should look at the specific details of his insurance policy, using both of these terms.

My son liver in a rural area 65 miles South of Buffalo where deer abound in great numbers. he used tp drop collision when the caes value dropped low enough but never comprehensive.

He barrel rolled a lon wheelbase Dodge minivan into a ditch and dented every pane’ and broke every window after hitting an animal. They paid him the va;ie of the vehicle and let him buy it back for $300.

No at fault accident and no deductible.

This type of thing is usually covered under “Comprehensive” in most policies. Where I live, Allstate does not cover windshields because the Highways Department uses crushed gravel with salt and sand on winter roads, resulting in innumerable little chips over a period of time. They only cover the windshield if the damage is caused by a collision.

I suspect incorrect tempering of the glass may be a major cause of these explosions.

Years ago we had a front storm door with a large tempered glass pane covering the whole door.

One day my young daughter, age 7, had a fit of temper and kicked at the door and it broke into a thousand pieces.

We did not claim it on our insurance policy!!!

Temper > Temper…never doubt the power of a child’s temper!

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I dont know what caused it but one day my 11 year old daughter was in the shower with a tempered glass door when it shattered it got replaced with one made of plastic.

If that is the case I will pay for the glass myself. If the insurance company considers my car a total loss they will notify the state and I will get a salvage title. I can’t renew the registration with a salvage title, I would have to get the vehicle inspected and obtain a “rebuilt” title.