2016 Chevrolet Equinox rear window shattered; insurance won't pay

Rear window shattered after being parked for days now what insurance won’t pay it’s a hefty $400 fix CHEVY BLOWS

This is not Chevys fault. I guess you mean the 400.00 is your comprehensive deductible. This could happen to any brand.

Not enough information is given in this brief RANT! Besides, this forum is for questions and you’ve made a statement.
You haven’t received many responses. I believe that if you provided more information and asked a question then more responses would arrive.

Would you be so kind as to tell the name of the insurance provider and specifically what coverage you have chosen to pay for in your premium? What is the deductible amount for comprehensive coverage claims?

Have you contacted your agent (e-gent) ?

Personal anecdote:
I once owned a Dodge Aries (actually 3 of them). I discovered that while parked one Dodge had the rear glass exploded into shards. I could not explain this, but had been running a weed trimmer earlier in the day and supposed I could have whipped a stone. Who knows? Sometimes the glass breaks on its own (extreme heat, defect, etcetera).
At any rate, I called my insurance agent and explained to her what I have just written. My ZERO deductible comprehensive coverage paid in full, no questions, no hassle, no insane RANT needed.

I can only guess that one gets what one pays for in the choice of insurer and choice of coverage.
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Where I live, Allstate, Sears Insurance arm, specifically excluded windshields from insurance coverage. Likely the result of too many claims due to sharp rushed gravel used on roads in the winter.

Always read your policy carefully.

I doubt the glass maker does only cheverolet, https://www.fuyaousa.com/oem-glass/ claims to be OEM supplier for 24 auto brands.

In WI and MN I buy special coverage for glass that has no deductible. Very handy over the years with rock strikes, vandalism, and even one case of spontaneous disintegration at highway speed.

If your wife is an opera singer and practicing near the car, she might have shattered the glass!

folks windstar van rear window shattered in the driveway. vandalism? bird strike? meteor? insurance co paid in a hearbeat. you chose the wrong insurance co. dont you watch any tv commercials?

When I managed a Body Shop, years ago, we specifically excluded Allstate insurance customers from our shop. We could not work with that company. However, we thought we’d give them a second chance and took down our signs announcing that we didn’t honor them.

I remember a customer (State Trooper, too) calling to see if his wife’s car had been repaired, yet. I told him that like before, an adjuster hadn’t even come out, yet and when I called them they said, “We don’t have any adjusters right now.” Period

I’m not sure what that trooper did or said, but there was an adjuster there that day!

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Thanks! No one I know had good experience with Allstate. We once had them for our home insurance, but dropped it after reading the very long list of “exclusions”.

The joke used to be that to get a quick settlement you had to have collided with the adjuster himself!